How far will they go?

I was on the bus more than a year ago, and somebody who listens to DumFox Noose for all his opinions… (a handy replacement brain for people too lazy to THINK) and mentioned what was then an OUTRAGE! segment, about some Non-Vet allegedly forcing his way into Honor Guards for K.I.A. soldiers by pretending to be a retired officer.
Honor Guard and Color Guard are set teams, it’s their JOB… and they work as a team, nobody is going to get on the Honor Guard who doesn’t have signed orders from the Brigade commander and recommended to that job by senior members of the team. But Bill O’Reily and Sean Hannity said it was so, thus, in this fellow’s simple mind, it was Gospel.

Then there’s the activist who was arrested and charged with a felony for posing as a vet, some statute called “stolen valor” or similar bullshit name.

What do they do next? Prosecute Uncle Harry for telling everybody that the scar across his belly was from a VC fighter in the rice paddies, when actually it was from when he was taking a break from his clerk job in Saigon, and got knifed in a brothel while trying to shortchange a prostitute? Under the limits of the Stolen Valor law, that would be a felony. (Never mind that Aunt Ethel might want to knife him for telling that crap story so many years)

Or saying that you went to Nam as a Volunteer rather than, you know, first being examined by a Draft Board Doctor who discovered you were lying about the paralysis, blindness and homosexual fantasies… then lost again when you got caught getting drunk and puking on the Base Commander’s daughter, and that your job in Nam was cleaning out the latrines….

That would be a felony too.

So what about George W. and his fake record? Since he’s obviously not being prosecuted for War Crimes which he ordered committed, might as well get him on Stolen Valor at the very least…

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