How to Rig a Town Hall…

This from a couple of weeks ago…three weeks ago…

The Representative from Our Noble District, the not-very-noble Doug Lamborn, had a third town hall here in the Springs, at 7:30 pm… on the far east side… at a Country Club…

What does that mean, exactly? It means, since the buses will have stopped running by 6, anybody who attends has to drive or be driven to the Stage Show. The homeless people would have to report to the shelters by 7.

In short, the poor and disabled are Pointedly Un-Invited. And I know the Standard Republican Rant that being disabled doesn’t automatically make you poor.
In shorter, another bald-face LIE. It’s like saying that Blacks or Hispanics don’t have a more difficult path simply because of the ingrained racism of the “upper” class. Because the “upper” class is of course not racist, no, they’re just “aware of our own superiority to those poor people, not that they’re inferior to Us, you understand, dahlink?” (that one involved an Elitist Limp Wrist to show off the diamond bracelet, thus proving one’s superiority. It’s a visual I don’t have a video for)

It’s one reason they whine so much about Politically Correct, meaning, not making racist statements… or statements about the disabled that are every bit as offensive. “Oh, those bad wicked PC liberals, insisting on polite conversation without racism!! Rich People are the REAL victims here, Rush Limbaugh even said so”

Only the wealthy need attend.

Lamborn has had fliers printed out and distributed, but somehow, not to the poorer neighborhoods.

Gee, I do declare I don’t know how they would have overlooked us.

“but Lamborn has said that Obama is ambitious…

And Lamborn is an Honorable Man.”

Most people wait until they’ve left Congress to become lobbyists.

add in, they had a “strategy session” before the opening of the gate for the Town Hall. Meaning they simply stayed and nixed any chance of a real presence of the opposition to their MURDEROUS plan to stall health care reform and deny Life to thousands upon thousands of “their fellow” AMERICANS.

Once again I have to point out, this makes them the most efficient and deadly Anti-American Terrorist Group in existence today.

al Qa’eda ain’t got nothing on these punks.

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