I was watching Jacobs Ladder just now

I was watching Jacobs Ladder just now. Just a little bit intense. Definitely not your standard war flick. You know, the guy who recommended the film to me, he’d been there, in Nam. And in the VA outpatient clinics too. One of those from Louisiana-East Texas that I just slip right into jawin’ with, easy… we call each other Cousin even if we’ve never met before. God Damn this is a bad movie. Not bad scripting or acting or plot. The bad part of it is that it’s something real.

Would they, if they could? Agent Orange. LSD. Depleted Uranium. They denied they ever did any of that. Denied it and killed people who stood in their way of keeping it secret. They killed them with lack of care, with the denials that the conditions and most importantly the causes of it.

Agent Orange is just a weed killer. One of thousands of chemicals they use on military bases routinely.

DDT is illegal in the U.S. and in countries that have treaties. But if the Army is “in country” in a nation that has no government, or at least none that the Pentagon recognizes… well, you do the math.

Depleted Uranium, they almost killed my cousin Hank with it. And denied that it WAS uranium poisoning. They said that the uranium is encased in titanium thus harmless. Ever see a bullet casing? not the shell that ejects out of the back of the chamber, the Bullet. The Projectile. See what it looks like after slamming into whatever mass is big enough to stop it. At anywhere from just under the speed of sound to twice the speed of sound, like the DU rounds.

The Peace Activists put enough heat on the Army to actually get them to DO something about it.
This won’t fit on a bumper sticker or tee-shirt. But when they ask what the hippies ever did for anybody, along with their bullshit lies about ending slavery and fascism…

Tell them Sgt T. Hank Brown, United States Army. Alive today.

No thanks to any of the Pentagon supporting Loudmouths who infest the “counter protest” part of any Peace Rally.

No God-Damn thanks to ANY of them.

If that’s not enough for any of them to accept, add in Sgt Howard Lanning, USAF.

NOT alive today, and the people who chant about “love it or leave it” or “my country right or wrong” or well… you know the rest of their Brainless Chants.

Their Lock-step Alle Sieg Heil approach to any criticism of their Beloved Army is what killed him, and a literally uncounted number of other Agent Orange victims. They killed him with their condemnation of anybody who opposed their War-mongering and all it’s nasty tentacles. Tentacles like giving Monsanto a blank check immunity to prosecution or lawsuits for their money-grubbing part in the War.

They’re slowly killing his widow too.

Because of the intervention of the Civil Liberties Union, among others. ACORN. Urban League. All those who the Army condemns as being worthless…

Because of their intervention Hank is still ALIVE. Dude is 6′ 5″, makes ME look short. Before he got the treatment they had denied him for more than ten years he was down to under a hundred pounds.

Some of our readers live in more civilized countries where there’s actually standardized measurments.

That’s two meters tall and only 47 kilos.

The treatment he got, that saved his life, is a purgative treatment that gets the poisonous heavy metal out of the system.

See, it’s not the Radiation that gets you, with uranium in small doses. The Right Wing Stooges deny loudly that it could be possible for uranium to poison people because of the low radiation.

But it’s more on the order of OTHER metal poisons.. Mercury. Lead. White Arsenic. Sodium.

It took Hank a year of treatment to get the shit out of his system.

Somebody thanked me yesterday for “serving”. I tell them all the time not to thank me. But the Propagandists keep telling them to do it.

For all those who opposed the Military, who opposed the slaughter, who opposed the shameless exploitation of anybody dumb enough to get caught up in their recruitment or conscription net…

For the lawyers and poets and peace activists. I Say, THANK YOU.

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