I wonder if we could trade Dobson and Phelps for this guy?

Of course, we’d have to throw in a little cash… Pseudo-Religious Bozoes of this caliber don’t come cheap.

The guy’s a Minister as in: Government Official in Indonesia, and says the disasters there were caused by “immorality”.

Kind of like the major disasters that hit primarily Red states here on a regular basis.

When I saw the BBC link I thought, immediately reverting to Texas Baptist-think, “minister of the Gospel”. But no, or only slightly yes.

The saying “The rains fall equally on the just and the unjust”, doesn’t mean anything at all about disaster, it means Blessings happen to everybody no matter how evil their behavior. Remember, that saying originated on the Arabian Peninsula. Where rain is NOT considered a curse.

And if we were to cut off the rain from falling on the fields and pastures of the Wicked, we could only do it by cutting our own blessings off as well.

Oh, and many “christian” pastors preach that the reason for the tsunamis and earthquakes and typhoons that hit there are caused by the nation being Too Strictly Muslim. And the Minister in question says it’s because they’re not sufficently Devout in their practice of Islam.

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