“Illegal” Drivers terrorize Colorado, Denver Post

Which isn’t the bullshit the Reich Wing have been beefing about, every time a road accident involves an undocumented worker.
Like a year and some change ago, when they were ready to lynch a guy for being involved in a fatal accident that he didn’t cause. The driver who died had banged a left turn from the right hand lane. That’s never any good. Really good way to have a front bumper forcibly inserted through your driver side door and right into the drivers seat. Which is what happened.

The cries of Murder and other hyperbole resulted from the fact the driver was an undocumented immigrant.

But what the “illegal drivers” cited in the Denver Post today are, they’re the drivers who either never got a license or have a suspended or even revoked license, usually involving drpe or drinking. It’s the major cause of People Driving Stupidly.

And contrary to the Malkin/Tancredo/Dobbs lying propaganda, the vast majority aren’t even Immigrants, much less here illegally. Just citizens who happen to not be able to drive well enough to maintain a license.

“Ah ken drive better drunk then I cain sober… cause on account of Ah’m more relaxed”.

I plumb reckon it just ain’t as conducive to Racist Hatred if the main offenders happen to be Citizens. So they have to sex it up a bit, tweak statisti… oh, who am I kidding, they’re not Tweaking Statistics, they’re making them up as they go along.

If you listen to the Hard Core Haters like Dobbs and Malkin rant and rave… and take their “statistics” seriously, and do the math, there would be about 10 times as many murders not to mention the other crimes than what actually get committed.

And every murder in America would be committed by an undocumented worker.

I guess since their Hoam Skule edumication doesn’t include actually being able to cipher out Statistics, kind of like the Ostrich example. If they can’t do math then it must be that nobody else can either. So, Ostrich Minutemen… just put your head in the sand, if you can’t see them, they can’t see you…

Besides, in order to put your heads in the sand you have to pull them out of your collective Ass.

Which is bound to be some kind of improvement.

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