In the dawning of the year 517 A.C.

Like in “After Columbus” or “Apocalypse Came” or “Anti-Cherokee” or “Aw, Crap! There’s not Any Chance of getting A Check in the mail today!” So there was a pow-wow the other day of First Nations peoples, downtown. Actually there’s been quite a few and I haven’t attended a single one. Right now I’m waking up, the last thing I did before crawling into the ol’ cot at some ungodly Pre-dawn hour was download a Beginner Course in speaking Cherokee.

Because if I do attend a pow-wow I at least want to be able to say “good morning” in an American language. On the website for it, (I’ll post the address later) there was a short beginning on Cherokee written history. Which the teacher Sikawi aka Sequoia developed and published in 1821.

The “alphabet” for writing Cherokee. A syllabary would be closer to the right word, it’s 86 characters that represent the phonemes of the Muskogeean languages.

And as it turns out, the majority of the other American Indian languages can be written thus.

I’ve been embarrassed for decades now that I don’t speak any of my heritage. I don’t speak Gaelic nor do I speak Cherokee. I know more words in German and Korean than I do Cherokee, and I can’t carry on an intelligent conversation in either of those languages.

Turns out I’m not alone in that. When Sikawi wrote the syllabary there were only 10% of the Cherokee Nation who didn’t speak Cherokee fluently. Today that’s exactly reversed.

Oh, yeah, it’s Columbus Day. Just another chance to reflect on the utter arrogance of a group of nations far away deciding that their way of life was so very superior that they have not only a Right but a Holy Duty to impose it on everybody everywhere.

To put it into more perspective, three nations, Portugal, Italy and Spain call Columbus their son.

Spain and Portugal were duking it out on a regular basis on the subject of which one was the True Leader of the Crusades. Which were, and are, still active. Never officially ended. Neither did the Inquisition. Europe was closer then to Children’s Crusade than we are to the Pilgrims. They were reaping the harvest of those evil sowings that included introducing a new species of Rat to Europe, along with Bubonic Plague, through the careful mis-management of the Trade Routes they had established during the Crusades. The majority of Europeans were living in such utter squalor, that the etiquette of the man walking on the outside of the sidewalk was developed, because people tossed their garbage and emptied their chamber pots into the gutter of the streets.

The man walking on the outside would thus be in a position to open his cloak whenever a wagon went by, so the filth of the street would be deflected from getting all over the Damsel Faire.

Also the custom of men’s shirts and coats buttoning with the flap on the left and the buttons on the right… so a man could unbutton a couple, with his Left hand, reach into his cloak and pull out his short sword or the newly invented pistol with his right hand.

Also the British Custom of riding on the Left side of the road, so than when two Gallant Christian Knights passed each other they could if they so chose run one another through using, again, the right hand.

Also the custom of shaking hands gained new popularity, because it’s a gestured done with your weapon-hand. You can’t shake somebody’s hand with a knife in your own.

People who were left handed were called Ambidextrous or “sinister”. and being left-handed, (a huge advantage in any kind of a fight) would be sometimes interpreted as being an Agent of The Devil and qualified you for the aforementioned Spanish Inquisition theme to be applied to your Corpus personel. Fun stuff like the Iron Maiden, Drawn and Quartered, hanged by your own intestines and Waterboarded. Not necessarily in that order.

The Italian heritage group Knights Of Columbus were actually Knights at the time, sworn to the service of the Triple Lie, the “Holy” “Roman” “Empire”.

Italy was a collection of City States and would be for another couple of centuries. At one point there were TWO popes, each claiming to be the True Leader of the Catholic Church. (all that sets the scene for Romeo and Juliet, The Merchant of Venice, Othello … all recent legends in the time of Shakespeare a hundred years after the “discovery” of new lands to conquer… and The Agony and The Ecstasy was set in the same general time frame)

The “Crusaders” like the Order of the Knights of Columbus and many many other groups similarly situated, were happily butchering other Christians, and Jews, and mostly in Europe. And any remaining groups of Wiccans, pagans, heathens and the occasional Turkish invaders.

But mostly their fellow Christians because there were so many more of them readily available for slaughter.

This was the “superior” civilization that Columbus visited upon us.

If they hadn’t brought Measles and Smallpox with them they would probably never have gotten away with any of this kind of Crap.

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