Labor Movement splits over supporting the Democrat health insurance bailout

health_care_reform_clinton_obama AFSCME’s president, Gerry McEntee, has broken with the SEIU in selling Barack Obama’s health care ‘insurance reform’ kool aid. He calls it all a ‘barnyard epithet’ as the press labels it. Would that censored word be BULLSHIT? Politico writes about it all here… Labor chief takes on White House

Look for SEIU, the nation’s largest company union to keep on plugging for whatever Baucus and Obama dish out to ‘their’ workers. Their ‘Health Care insurance Reform’ rallies have been sad and pathetic events though. Instead of supporting booting out the insurance business out of our US medical delivery system, they are actually supporting keeping them inside as The Insiders. And that they have the nerve to call reform!

Supporting the Democrats as their maximo leader forces the union to do is no reform at all. SEIU has really become nothing more than a company union.

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