Maybe the Iraqi people will hang 4 more on the Fallujah Bridge

Federal prosecutors have asked for charges to be dropped against one of the Blackwater murderers-for-hire, Nicholas Slatten of Tennessee. Whether he personally was guilty of this particular Multiple Murder, he as a member of a Corporate Death Squad shares their guilt. Remember that this is only ONE incident among many.

After all, CheneyBush DID hire them specifically to MURDER without trial and without any possibility of themselves being tried, anybody they feel like killing. Many of the MURDERS of American citizens in New Orleans during the Katrina disaster were committed by these demons in human form, and their firm was the one responsible for turning the SuperDome into a mini concentration camp for people whose only crime was not being rich. (or White)

The crime they committed in Iraq, one of MANY, the Bush Administration tried to minimize by saying “they killed ONLY 14 people”

The killings – which strained Iraq-US relations-

Unlike the U.S. Corporate Takeover errr.. Liberation of Iraq which of course everybody in Iraq loves.

took place when Blackwater guards opened fire in Baghdad’s Nisoor Square while escorting an American diplomatic convoy.

And those Dirty Wogs didn’t get out of the way of their Corporate Overlords quickly enough. How DARE those peasants not bow down humbly at the arrival of their Masters!

The firm says its guards were acting in self-defence but witnesses and relatives of those killed maintain that the shooting was unprovoked.

Witnesses including video cameras, people in the convoy, and “silent witnesses” like not one single bullet retrieved that was NOT fired from a gun held by a Blackwater Murdering Puke. Also none of those killed were armed. No non-Blackwater weapons were retrieved. No Video evidence at all of any of the alleged gunfire directed toward the convoy and any bullets once fired from these non-existent weaponed and the shell casings just magically Disappeared.

The US says 14 people were killed but an Iraqi investigation put the number at 17. Children were among those killed, and several people were wounded.

“ONLY” 14 killed. And the investigation which produces the larger body count was more than just Iraqi.

The Fallujah Four who got hanged on the bridge were also guilty of Murder, just shielded from any prosecution of their crimes. And the U.S. military subsequently MURDERED an uncounted (Literally) number of residents of Fallujah without regard to whether they were armed or if they were members of any militia, as retaliation for Those Dirty Wog UnterMenschen DARING to fight back against the White “christian” Forces of the Superior Civilization.

The Fallujah Four got only what was coming to them.

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