Merry Christmas…

I had this posted 8 years ago, and here we have new relevancy for it. Since Donald is ramping up  the kill-off-the-peasants by denial of health care to anybody who isn’t wealthy Official Republican Policy.

You say you have a minimum wage job with health insurance? Have you tried to actually USE those benefits yet? It’s far worse than a lot of Third World Puppet Dictatorships. If you DID manage in the past 7 years it’s directly because there is the Affordable Care Act, even with the flaws built in by the Tea Party and Republicans. Obama did not have a mandate to bow down and obey them. He did anyway. Sold his immortal soul to the insurance industry.

Previous post :Here’s our gifts… The COBRA health care subsidies end in two weeks.
AND with the help of Joe Liar-man on the D side of the aisle and EVERY Republican senator, today the AP news service was gleefully pronouncing the Public Option dead on arrival. So what’s left for people who can’t work and won’t get SSI or Social Security for YEARS (with the accompanying Medicaid health insurance)? They DIE. Congratulations to the Republican and Tea-Party Death Panels! Celebrate your “victory” over the poorest and most helpless people in America. Rejoice, and don’t forget to take My God’s Name in vain when you do it. Murderous Scum Bastards. Tell your Little Piglets how big and Brave Mommy and Daddy were, beating down those bad ol’ poor. I would have added “people” to the end of that, as in “poor PEOPLE” but it’s much more fun for you and your nasty little snot-nosed Piglets to use words which don’t include “people”.

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