Monkey-wrench the Lock-out.

We’ll know the time to do it because Fox will have their propaganda cameras on-scene at one location or more.There’s an addition to that but I don’t want to publicly tip off the opposition. Tribe members contact me by email if you’re curious.

So, knowing where they’ll be in advance put on a little show for them. Go shopping just before, fill up baskets with lots of perishables, hundreds of dollars worth. Ice cream works well for this, just don’t put it into the BOTTOM of the baskets like you would if you actually intended to buy it. As the saying goes, heat rises.

Get up to the checkout line just at the time the CSPD are doing the bidding of their corporate whore-masters…

Ordering the Union off premises with threats of arrest (and beatings, let’s not forget they do that for their Masters too) and loudly announce, “well, I guess that means ALL union supporters too” and park the shopping baskets and leave. On camera of course.

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