National extremist registry

Nobody thought to ask whether the fellow who shot up the Florida office building the other day if he’s a Religious Extremist of any sort. I’m pretty certain nobody will ask if the “former student” who held a High School principal and office staff hostage earlier today was an Extremist. Several of the respondents to our comments about Ft Hood came off with some pretty extreme ideas of their own. I would bet the people being interviewed and reporting that Major Hasan had “told them extremist viewpoints” had presented HIM with some equally hate-filled Anti-Arab Extremism and just reported his response to it, not the Hate-speech with which they no doubt harassed him regularly. The quick response of Anti-Semitic thought (yes, Arabs ARE children of Abraham) kind of put the lie to the claims made by those who said that Major Hasan had spoken out against their Anti-Semitic rhetoric and harassment. See, it’s only Paranoid if the harassment and threats are imaginary.

So, here’s my proposal, have a National Fanatics and Extremists Registry. Not to put criminal charges against them **with an exception I’ll get to later, but to make sure that none of these Hate Freaks is ever set into a position, like being Enforcers in the Colonialist Wars being currently fought, police officers, judges, prosecutors, or anybody else who would be in a position to use official power to commit Extremist Hate Crimes.

Since these Extremists are pretty loud and mouthy, speak and write many many words of Hate-Speech (they even have a Television Channel dedicated to Hate Speech, it’s called Fox News) it wouldn’t be an invasion of privacy. They’re proud of their Hatred and wear it as though it were a badge of honor.

One thing it would do, when one of them is mouthing off on the news there would be a banner underneath saying “Registered Hate Freak” and when they give testimony to the police or to a court proceeding it would have to be noted that they bear a Fanatical Grudge against the targeted groups. If one were called to jury duty in a case involving one of the people he Hates so much, like the one fellow said about “Crucifying” them or like Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter have been saying, putting all Muslims in concentration camps (or kill them if they refuse)… Such a person would have to recuse himself from any such case.

**The ones who would face criminal charges would be those who have abused their police or military or court powers to commit hate crimes.

Especially Extremist Haters who have testified or served on juries in cases where the object of their Extremist Hatred, whether the persons race or religion or sex or orientation or nationality… and did not make it clear when they were being sworn in for Jury duty.. that when they stated Under Oath that they had no preconceived notions of the persons guilt or innocence and they would make their decisions solely on the evidence to be presented… that they were Lying Through Their Tobacco-stained Meth-rotted Teeth.

And thus could be charged with Perjury. If the person suffered any damages due to their Extremist decision to LIE, they should be charged with whatever crimes apply.

Especially if it happened to be a Death Penalty Case.

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