New ICE building is half windowless

ice offices in pueblo bank trust buildingAs reported by the Gazette on Nov 30, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division of the Department of Homeland Security has opened an office in Colorado Springs in the Pueblo Bank and Trust Building. The implication is of a lonely field office to monitor the busy I-25 corridor, but the Nation Magazine is reporting that ICE locations nationwide are being used as unmarked and unmonitored detention facilities for undisclosed detainees. I can’t vouch for ours. Anyone up for a photo field trip? Bring your papers.

According to the Gazette, the office has been a pet pork project of Congressman Doug Lamborn. Their description of the new facilities:

The downtown office in Colorado Springs is the ninth ICE office in Colorado and houses several cubicles and conference rooms as well as a cache of secure rooms to be used for interviews, confidential paperwork and holding weapons.

Detentions have been until now subcontracted with El Paso County. Currently the county holds approximately 150 detainees for ICE.

Did you catch this choice segment of the story? County Commissioner Jim Bensberg apparently confuses “to have a chilling effect” with crime deterrence:

“The presence of the federal office will have a chilling effect on a wide variety of activities,” he said, without elaborating.

“There were days I thought this would never happen,” he said. “If I had a tail right now, I’d be wagging it.”

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5 Responses to New ICE building is half windowless

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    If he had a tail it would complete the poodle/Lap-dog analogy of his entire worthless suck-up life.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    El Paso, Dallas, Houston, New York and Miami have ICE detention centers too.

    Yep, all they have to do is put their jackboots on the necks of a few troublemakers and everything will be Okie Dokie…

    Oh, but wait— The Local Rednecks believe all those cities to be the modern equivalent of Sodom, Gomorrah and Babylon.

    Never Mind.

  3. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    you’re right Eric, that IS chilling, and we should start watching for human rights violations as a result…..remember I have a camcorder

  4. Avatar mike says:

    Oh yes, it is good scary fun to imagine what evil things might happen behind these windowless walls. They are probably setting up to torture illegal aliens or perhaps paranoid liberals.

    Some good points on this point but in many areas you are just as crazy as the right wing nuts.

  5. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Hey, back when they were called “Border Patrol” the coward punks almost shot me because I “looked mex”. Nothing Racist or Fascist about that, no sir. I stopped counting the times they stopped me and shined their fucking spotlights in my face with their hands on their Big, Bad Macho Pig Guns and screaming “Donde Nacio”.
    Enabled by weak-minded Chickenshit “good citizens” who bleat that “The Policeman is Always Right” and “If you have done nothing wrong, why should you fear the KGB/Gestapo/etc…?”

    Maybe you’re not one of those, Mike. Maybe you’re a paid propagandist who spreads their shit around for them. But I have a gut instinct that you’re one of the Flock of Bleating Sheep.

    “Border Patrol GOOD, Two legs Baaaaaaaaaadd!!” screamed in unison a thousand times every time your Precious Pigs get criticized.

    But they’re only here to “protect” us, right? You know what’s even more disturbing? The Minuteman Racial Purity Project uses “retired” (Fired) Border Patrol officers. Meaning the ones who were too Racist to make it even in that RACIST outfit. Given Machine Guns and a license to shoot anybody they think might not be American enough. And the Homeland Security and ICE PIGS allow them to do it. But, hey, we’re “paranoid” for noticing that, right?

    They even have their musters and training sessions at Police Stations right here in the Springs. The Colorado Springs Gestapo, not exactly the most tolerant group even among pigs, let these re-branded Klansmen use their facilities.

    But we’re “paranoid” for noticing that, too, I suppose.

    Now scurry off to your Masters, kiss their rings, lick their boots, whatever form of Obeisance you’re required to make before being allowed to speak…

    And tell them that the “Liberals” talked mean about them.

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