New Trouble for Iraq, Iran, U.S. Puppet Government.

Kurdistan. The Turkish top court just banned the largest pro-Kurdish party, the Democratic Worker’s Party, stripping the top level 35 members of the party including the chairman and vice chairman.
Banned them from politics for 5 years, and stripped the party of all its funds. This being a “model democracy” the Bush and Reagan Administrations used to babble about.

Where that comes in to Suddenly Our Problem, the government which allegedly represents Us pulls the puppet strings for the government of Iraq, and is striving to have the same kind of Master/slaves relationship with Iran.

The way our puppets including the Late Shah and the Late Mr Hussein used to handle it, along with the Late Soviet Union (Russia still carries on the policy) and Turkey, was a four-way Genocide-feast supported at least in part by Our Tax-Supported Military, the ones that allegedly fight for our Freedom. Pretty wild, huh? Even during the Cold War the U.S. and Soviet Union doing joint exercises.

BUT… the Kurds, while being the smallest ethnic group in Iraq (due in large part to the frequent Turkish, Iraqi, Iranian and Russian attacks) are in a position of huge political significance in Iraq today. Partly because they’re the one group which has the least number of grudges against Our Beloved Empire. Also because they’re the ones getting the largest amount of Emergency Police and Military assistance (almost typed out “assassins” there, good thing I caught it, eh?) in the hopes they’ll be a counterbalance to the Sunni and Shi’ah Factions. Sounds like a losing proposition to me, but what do I know.

I mean, I was totally wrong on that whole WMDs routine, like the million pounds of Nerve Gas. Here I’ve been predicting for 7 years that it’s not there.

SARCASM ALERT… in case our sometime readers missed it.

So I’m rather cheerlessly predicting yet more trouble coming from the North, (relative to Iraq) as a bonus from Our Best Allies in NATO.

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