Obama’s ‘health care’ bait and switch

Obama and SebeliusToday, for the first time, President Obama has finally revealed to the American public what his ‘reform’ of ‘health care insurance’ actually would involve. Obama’s messenger was Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who revealed that Obama was actually pushing for something called (by the corporate media) as being ‘nonprofit insurance cooperatives’ to become the new lynch pin and center foundation stone for US insurance, as they continue to disrupt the actual delivery of American Health care.

This plan comes originates from the most conservative (Republicans in Democrats clothing) Democrats around, who bill their back handed way to keep the insurance companies working in the middle of the muck-up of American health care delivery, as being a ‘compromise’. It’s not. Under the guise of being more inclusive it will actually become an even further cut back of health benefits provided as it will continue to allow costs to rise as services are cut. No real compromise at all, but just more of the same under new clothing.

At last, we head into the final stretches of Obama’s ‘health care’ bait and switch. It is all reminiscent of how he promised to change Bush’s foreign policy direction, but yet is continuing it in full measure into yet more warfare ahead, with only Obama’s pretty face as the ‘change’. How to camouflage the reactionary American Health care industry under some label of ‘Change’?

This is it…. call the new move a turn to ‘nonprofit insurance cooperatives’. Democratic Party liberals are suckers and they will buy anything that has the words ‘cooperatives’ and ‘nonprofit’ in it, and will ignore that word INSURANCE. Sold to the suckers! Once again…. And the corporate media has done their part, too, with Health Care misinform.

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