Oderint dum metuant, crucifixion … Spartacus and Dracula

Since the opinion has been foisted onto us that we should basically DEATH DEATH KILL THEM ALL!! BWAAAHAAAAHAAAHAAA! those who Dare to oppose our Mighty Empire… And a comment from a lady who is upset that we, the people, rejected her Emperor Bush last year about this time… thus, we and not her Imperial Overlords are responsible for the shootings at Ft Hood…

The “Crucify them as an example to others” was a policy also expressed by a(nother) Mad Emperor named Gaius Julius Caesar the Second, known by his childhood nickname Little Boots, aka Caligula. It was also used earlier by a Roman Republican Senator named Crassus. Against a group of Slaves who Dared In Their Arrogance to think themselves the equal of their Masters.

It was also used by Vlad Dracula, the real villain not the prettified very nice by comparison Dracula of the movies.

The real Dracula was famous for fighting the Turks. Fierce in battle, say his critics and apologists alike. Defended Europe from the Islamic Horde, AND that part is now being celebrated by the Modern Crusaders. The part he was most famous for was hanging people on pikes, tall spears. The death involved the body slowly settling down around the spear, massive organic damage, and by having the piked one with his feet barely touching the ground… it could go on for days.

The people he did that to, weren’t Muslims or Turks. They were “his” people. Christians. Supposedly he himself was a Christian and the devil worship rituals are, according to the Right Wing “mere rumors to slander a Great Crusader Leader”.

Kind of like Richard Cheney only more civilized.

It was wonderful that the two Right Wing Extremist responders (so far) were so incredibly hate filled. Makes it much more difficult for Our Friends like Mr Paige to deny the basic Hater label that he and his less erudite comrades placed around their own necks. The Extremist Leaders can talk all they want about being Christian, about being FOR freedom and goodness and light and not at all Conquest, slavery and murder. In the immortal words of their own Joe Wilson THEY LIE!

Those of our IDF friends who like to post and tell us how much the Republicans love Judah (renamed Israel) and the Jewish people and it’s We, the Left, who are anti-semitic… Look to what ALL-CAPS BOY wrote, that the Romans had a Good Idea, crucifying all “terrorists” meaning among others, the Jews who didn’t embrace Roman rule. Much like the Iraqi and Afghan and Pakistani “insurgents” who don’t Joyously Embrace the Imperial Rule of the modern-day Roman General Petraeus.

I was flipping through the pages of a book the other day, on “Freedom in the Ancient World”. The author said much the same thing that CHARLES CAPS-LOCK BOY said.

How those bad, naughty backward uncivilized Jews rejected Trajan’s majestic gift of rebuilding Jerusalem with a temple to Jupiter in the midst, to grant them the honor of Roman slav… errr… Civilized Benevolent Rule.

Just by a coincidence, the Romans lost everything they had, including any technological advantages… by placing their faith in a capitalist system based on subjugating other nations to their will and demanding that they pay the Romans to “protect” them… much like the United States Capitalist Shadow Government does in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Iraq, (the Iraqi oilfields were supposed to have paid the bills for U.S. soldiers “liberating” them and then placing them in the Civilized Management of the American Oil Companies)

The Crusaders also got their armor kicked all the way back to Central and Northern Europe. Thus setting up the situation where such Civilized Christian Terrorist Leaders like Dracula and the legendary matamoros El Cid could get away with killing their own countrymen.

Perhaps CHARLIE CAPS-LOCK is fantasizing being able to crucify somebody, more likely, he’s not got the balls to do it himself but maybe he’ll be one of those in the crowd cheering the New Romans on. Maybe they’ll let him lick the blood from their swords.

His corporate masters have labeled the Cherokee Nation protesters in Chattanooga as “Terrorists”. Maybe he hopes to see Cherokee people hanging from crosses.

Or just ANY people. Folks who get their rocks off to pain, suffering blood and death aren’t really all that choosy about who the victims are.

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