of course it’s not “racist”…

A Louisiana “justice” refusing to marry people of “mixed” race… or is that, refusing to allow the “races” to mix in the first place. Says children born of such a union, in HIS small minded Small Town, are not generally accepted. Imagine that, with a Community Leader such as himself showing them the Proper Etiquette of Hatred…

Why do some Dumb Southerners have to make the image of EVERY southerner to be an ignorant racist cracker-clown?

Your so-called “Honor”, allow me to point this out. I’ll do it even without your gracious permission. Giving in to the “that’s the way it is” status quo is the surest way to Keep The Racist Bullshit Going.

People CHALLENGING the “way it is” is the only way it ever changes.  People refusing to accept Racist attitudes and Racist behavior as though it was impossible for it to ever change.

And for the love of God, man, don’t keep portraying all southerners as being Bigots just because you happen to be one.

You might be the biggest frog in your pond, but Bubba, your pond ain’t all that damn big. There’s a whole world out there beyond the limits of your parish.

Furthermore, Bubba Judge, since you’ve stated that “marriages like that” don’t last or the kids are persecuted (by racists like yourself) must mean the PEOPLE of your own small pond aren’t all that impressed with their “Big Frog”. Means people have been doin’ the Love Thang for  quite a while without your damn permission. Maybe you ain’t quite the Community Spokesperson you thought yourself to be.

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