Oh, and the House just passed the Health Care bill.

I don’t know if the “trigger” part is still in but even if it is, the states that need it the very most, already hit the “trigger”. The press is trying to spin it as a victory for Republicans because “it’ll weaken the chances of Democrats in the mid-term”. I guess that all depends on how much of a delay they can make on implementing the measures.

They’ve been dragging it out for 40 years now already. They talk smack about Medicaid and CHAMPVA disbursemments as though their very pointed sabotage of the “Spirit of the Law” by appointing only those Piggish Types who believe that the poor deserve NOTHING, to the positions of doling out the health “care”, and the Food Stamps, and AFDC or whatever program is designed to help those whom the Republicans consider to be Sub-human.

Although they’ll tell us different when they want our sons and daughters to go and kill for them in their wars.

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