Oh my…

It seems the British are having the same type of problem with their version of a Corporate  Pentagon, the Ministry of  Deceptive Practices Defense. Their bonus program for the Daddy Warbucks contractor  Screw-Ups is figuratively “drawing fire” from families of the soldiers and even from “conservative” members of Parliament.

Now, in “Defense” of the indefensible, these dudes are merely the conduits of money from the Treasury to the Contractors. And of course are supposedly required to actually spend the money wisely, buy necessary supplies, that sort of thing. Actually inspecting the shoddy worthless goods they’re going to send off to Afghanistan for the Troops to leave at the gates of Hell.

They’re given the pay raises for “Performance” — Excusez-vous… what “Performance”. the song and dance routine they give to their overseers in Parliament? Cause it most certainly ain’t their JOB performance nor anything to do with the management of Yet Another Failed War.

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