On the Subject of Crackers

Now, I’ll admit that many White Southerners can’t read and can’t actually do math either. I guess that makes me a Liberal Guilt purveyor or whatever the current FoxNews term is.
But a statistic cited that “proved” Whites graduate High School more frequently than Blacks is flawed on many levels. One is that the Census doesn’t actually keep an accurate count of the people who ARE white, black, native, hispanic etc etc etc… Just on what people Voluntarily report their “race” to be. I, for instance, am of Mixed Race. Human, mixed with Other Human. But let’s take a look at a Louisiana racial law to show some Math Tricks that the Racists probably won’t understand anyway. Just for giggles.

In Louisiana the racial law still on the books and hotly defended by Klan spokespersons like David Duke and David Vitter and their Uncle Tom errr Uncle Bobby, as in Gov Jindal, measures Coloredness. Not the actual term but the actual terms are so STUPID it might just as well be “coloredness”. Mulatto, quadroon, Octaroon, … It’s so senseless in application that Racial Definition is usually left to the discretion of the Individual Racist. For instance, David Vitter and Jimmy Swaggart, their attraction to Ladies of the Colored Persuasion is socially more embarrassing than the fact that they profess “Gimme that Ol’ Time Religion” publicly and profess Whoremongering pubically. Then there’s the LEGAL aspect of it, if the Subsitute Mommy Vitter hired to change his nappies was legally Colored, THAT would be a felony. Under a law championed and defended by Vitter himself.

If you’re 1/32nd Black then you’re legally Colored. Cohabitation, marriage or merely having Sex With a member of a separate Race would be “miscegenation”. So, if a Southern Gentleman from say, Jefferson Parish, just off the top, is 31/32 White but legally Black, and doesn’t graduate from High School, does that mean that he skews the Racial Average of High School Graduates by 96% or just 4%?

Would the percentages of people in Louisiana who are Legally White but actually not quite White skew the averages even further? The Gentleman who took exception to Blacks being compared favorably to Whites in another thread involving Crackers,… is he ACTUALLY pure white? Would it distress him to realize that in England, a White-as-White-Can-Be nation, a huge percentage of the population have Mongolian bloodlines courtesy of Ghengis Khan? Or any other “White” European country… Would it disturb him as greatly as it does many Racists to realize that the racial term “Caucasian” means

“millennia of back and forth conquests have mixed the Asian, African and “white” races so very thoroughly that nobody actually knows who is pure and who is ‘mongrel’ Racial stock, thus they call everybody from the Caucasus region and spread throughout Europe by the catch-all Mongrel term Caucasian”…?

Is there, in fact, any reason why we or anybody else should take a Racist Supremacist statement based on the shakiest of data about “blacks not being as educated as whites” as any kind of academically sound statement?

Math is a much more precise science than Racism ever could be. And the Math consistently shows it wrong.

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