On the subject of remote kontrol killing

I occasionally raise this extremely bad example from its Undead Crypt. There is, to paraphrase the Tee Shirts, A Ranch in Texas that’s missing its ass-kicking, and I really should go back down there and help them find it. It was a mini-storm on the internet about the time of the Bush Cartel starting the Iraq War.  A Texas “game” ranch was promoting a point and click kill a deer game online.

Very simple, they had a remote-control rifle pointing in the general direction of where the TAME deer or antelope played errr  would go to collect their regularly scheduled food ration. With a camera-scope and a robotic mechanism the online “Hunter” could control with his mouse, joystick or paddles, whatever input device, animal would come to the bait and the Wannabee Great White Hunter would lock on to the Target,  get the crosshairs close enough to a quick kill and the software would lock on, a little red light would appear on your screen signifying to click or press enter or what-the-Hell-ever input action you chose, and you would blow the deers brains out.

Impressive, huh? The “game” ranch owner defended it by saying that it was probably the only way a Handicapped person would be able to enjoy the “sport” of hunting.

Two concepts there, the first is that in order for it to be a Sport or a Game both parties to the Game have to realize that it’s a game.

And speaking as a disabled person, I find the (pardon my French even though it’s English) entire concept of using “those poor cripples have to have a chance at Killing for Fun too” to be really Fucking Offensive.

Keep your condescending attitude to yourself. If I find myself in a wheelchair again and you try that Pat the Poor Cripple on the Head routine with me, literally or figuratively, I swear by the Lord Jehovah who made me that I’ll pull your arm off and beat you to death with your own arm.

Why not make the “game” really exciting, put the robot rifle on wheels or tracks and give me or whoever else a chance to go after the ranch owner or staff instead?

Why not have the Robotic Drones the Air Force is using to “cleanly” kill a nameless faceless Enemy and, just incidentally, the “enemy’s” kids along with him, all from the air-conditioned comfort of some office chair where the “enemy” is reduced to a non-human computer-generated representation of a “target”….  with a built in device that would enable the Target to turn the drone around and have the Drone go home and kill its master?

Which the Morally Crippled guys in the office chairs laughing and probably celebrating and giving each other high-fives every time they “score a point” in this sick video game, should realize is going to happen.

You can’t keep the genie in the bottle, Technology wise. Just like the Atomic Bomb, how long did that Top Secret project last? Of course it didn’t help the Los Alamos crew trying to keep the secret of How To Do it to themselves, that the entire principle behind an Atomic Explosion was  laid out in scientific research dating back more than 30 years before they popped the first one. Research that wasn’t done in America or funded by America either.

How long do you Cosmic Cowboys playing your sick demented version of Galaga hope to keep the controlling technology of your drones from falling into “enemy” hands? How smug are you going to be about push-button Murder when it gets turned back onto you?

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