On the subject of the Python Players…

They poked much fun at The Glastonbury Conspiracy in their send-up of the King Arthur Myth as well, (My sister vas once bitten by a moose)

Which is a notion that I’ve heard in church here in America. People who believe seriously in their hearts-of-hearts that the English Race was given the mantle of “The Chosen People” and set up as the replacement for Israel. They put in a lot of vague statements from the prophets Isaiah, Daniel and Ezekiel and some truly Apocryphal Bullshit about Joseph of Arimathea and Mary Magdalene and the other Holy Grail crappola you can read in any Dan Brown novel.

It’s a centerpoint for the Manifest Destiny stupidity.

We’ll no doubt be hearing it from such Great Non-English Suckups like Sean Hannity (Irish Catholic) Bill O’Reilly, (same) Rush Limbaugh (same) “Gunny” Bob Newman (Scots and Catholic) Michelle Malkin (even further removed from the Pure English Race) and other Retardican Bullshit Artists who are willing to sell out their own family heritage(s) to further the propaganda of English First! and Manifest Destiny. They incorporate it into their “War on Christmas” annual ranting and raving Racist conspiracy theories.

They also incorporate it into their Anti-Immigrant conspiracy theory about the Reconquista, which is alleged to be a Papish Plot to take back America for the Vatican.

Why I mentioned Limbaugh and Hannity and O’Reilly in that, for those who have a short attention span, they’re espousing today the same Crap that was used in the 1800s to persecute IRISH immigrants.

It’s also been a centerpiece of the movements to ban Judaism. And Islam. And Black Equality. And Citizenship for Native Americans. And as a justification of Wars of Conquest, and for Slavery. And Anti-Union activities.

Yep, they’re equal opportunity Haters.

No, rylli… moose bytes can be quyte painful…

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