Pentagon Investment Group Parte Deux-mille et neuf

P.I.G. for short. The French is to the best of my limited knowledge 2009. The P.I.G. in question being Richard Cheney aka Bush’s Dick. Told the Freakin’ Bureaucratic Idiots that he has no idea who exactly spilled the beans on Valerie Plame.
This pursuant to an investigation into the most prosecutable of Messieurs Cheney et Bush et compagnie’s War Crimes, the capital murders of 5000+ United States Soldiers. Capital Murders as judged by Executive Orders Dick-tated to George W Bush in person. Snark: the two had an amazing act, when Bush was talking you could barely see Cheney’s lips moving.

But back to the real meat. The infamous deed happened on a computer In The White House.

One would think that a computer on a very limited LAN like say, in the Forkin’ White House, which served as the cage of every unclean bir… ummm. the official residence of what is arguably the most powerful man on earth… you know, a Closed System… would be fairly easy to trace. One thing is that Emails have time stamps. Another is that the mail-server at the hub of the LAN would know a) what time the e-mail went out and b) exactly which computer on the network, identified by its own Unique IP address, was the originator of the communication.

Now, they pulled this lying crap before. There’s one Asshole riding around town, on a scooter named Scooter Libby and with George Bush propaganda all over it. I wonder if he could explain exactly how stupid and/or dishonest the entire Bush administration was to ignore the fact that there’s no way in the Darkest Hottest Corner of Eternal Hell that somebody could have pulled off an untraceable e-mail from what’s supposed to be the most secured computer network on the face of Gods Own Earth.

Allegedly Homeland Security was on the case. In which case we, the People, are being consistently Ripped Off for the entire budget of DHS. Ok, I’ll grant that we’re being robbed by their crew every day regardless of the outcome of this one case.

Disney and BMG have anti-downloading tracing software which they routinely use to track and prosecute File Share participants who do such dastardly deeds as downloading The Lion King or Tim McGraw or Miley Cyrus and/or similar Worthless unartistic CRAP off the internet.

The tracing software not only identifies the sender but also the recipient. And this is in bittorrent. Where the senders might number in the hundreds of thousands (but more usually in the two-digit numbers) of people sharing Disney’s shit like “Old Yeller 3:The Resurrection” or music that you can tape off the radio, presupposing that you have a really crappy rock station in town that’s degenerate enough to play the music most often downloaded. Bootleg copies of Vista too, my God why why WHY?

So the security software is available even, you know, if the SysAdmin at the White House was such a fuckin’ lame-ass that he couldn’t tell when a certain E-mail went out and from which computer.

From thence they could simply use the close-circuit video surveillance security system to find out which of the herd of Thievish P.I.G.s was on that computer at that time.

That leaves two very serious options…

A) The entire “Security” apparatus of the United States, at a cost of Hundreds of Billions of Dollars, was run by complete Retards…


B) That system was run by the most dishonest and treasonous murdering thieves ever encountered.

By the by… The FBI has now gained even more contempt from me for even asking Dickless Cheney if he knew who did it, and even when he popped off with such an arrogantly stupid LIE like that they let him slip out of the room, without wearing the ol’ Smith&Wesson Stainless Steel Jewelry.

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  1. Now, if I were to suggest the most destructive acts of vandalism should be directed at the vehicles, homes or even the persons who display “W04” propaganda I would probably be hunted down like a mad dog in the streets by these same Dip-Shit agencies. So I won’t suggest it even though it looks like a really entertaining idea.

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