Poison Vegetables

Ketchup as a vegetable strikes again.
Those of our audience younger than late 30 Somethings won’t remember this, maybe you’ve heard of it and thought it was a sick joke. But it wasn’t.

Ronald Reagan championed a measure aimed directly at the School Lunch nutrition program to redefine Ketchup as a vegetable. He was targeting the least expensive and most nutritious part of the meal, vegetables.

And it wasn’t a joke.

Now there’s an advertising campaign by the makers of Manwich sauce, and a spaghetti sauce, and of course ketchup, to market the notion that these sauces provide a full serving of vegetables.

They LIE. These products also contain more than the Recommended Daily Allowance of processed sugar and salt. Then you’re supposed to add processed or just very fatty meat into the mix. And, of course, not feed the kiddoes REAL vegetables, like say, leafy vegetables with lots of fiber to help them keep their digestive systems from being ruined by the rest of the CRAP you’re feeding them. Yum.

Then you’ll be spending money for pharmaceuticals to control your kids mood swings, ADHD and we’ll be spending more money (because you’ll be bankrupt by the time you bring them to adolescence) on their cumulative debt of lack of proper education and lack of proper nutrition. Like their future intestinal tract surgery to fix the consequences of the Really Poor Diet you’re selling them.

And Coronary Bypass surgeries, and ambulance rides, intensive care and them falling prey to whatever infections target weakened individuals with zero-to-negative Immune Systems.

Why don’t the Tea-Party protest THAT? Instead of protesting funding for the consequences of the Wars they support (just not, you know, with their OWN blood or their OWN money) and the mismanagement of the unregulated “free” market economy, run by people who are so greedy and stupid they’ll tell us that Ketchup is a Vegetable. Who needs Nutrition when we have Ritalin… and Thorazine… and Straight Jackets, tasers, and jails?

You could substitute “Education” or “health care” for “Nutrition” and it eventually works out to the same conclusion.

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  1. Avatar Hobknobs says:

    was Reagan flooding the ketchup with crack too?

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