Recycled Propaganda

On NBC a few minutes ago, “Top Stories of the Decade” the Jessica Lynch Myth which the Bush Regime played up as a “heroic rescue”… even though the Iraqis had told the Army where to find her, gave explicit instructions how to get in the building, what floor she was on and left the doors unlocked… and there weren’t any Iraqi military anywhere near the hospital. They weren’t even holding her as a prisoner. Bush with his “You’d better treat her in accordance with Geneva” even though the Torture of Afghani prisoners was well underway and the Torture of Iraqi prisoners was already started. Private Lynch has since repudiated the story the Bush Regime made up. Yet they’re putting the Propaganda out there AGAIN.

How much bullshit would be enough? When will the Corporate Ministry of Lies ever start telling even a lie that’s closer to Truth?

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