Sarah and Historic Accuracy

Not THAT Sarah, Princess Sarah Ferguson-Windsor. Promoting a Romantic Movie about the Great-great great grandmother of her daughter. Victoria Hanover-Windsor.
She said she was involved and concerned to maintain Historic Accuracy in the film SAY WHAT? A Demented Dynasty of Hereditary Dictators, whose very continued existence hangs on people believing their historic distortions, being concerned about Historical Details? SINCE WHEN?
They have to convince their subjects that every Mass Murder committed by both themselves and their truly depraved ancestors is justified by them being Ordained By God Himself to rule not only England but the entire world.

in the words of Dennis the Anarchist:

REAL executive authority comes from a mandate by the masses, not some Farcical Aquatic Ceremony. Strange ladies lying in puddles distributing swords is No Basis for Kingship. If I were to go about saying that I’m a bloody Emperor because some Moistened Bint lobbed a scimitar at me, they’d lock me up, wouldn’t they?

Once you get past the idea of Heavenly Ordination of leaders the rest of the bullshit becomes irrelevant.

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