Palin to exploit Ft Hood on book tour

In a bid to keep the War Fever running hot, thus putting more Public Money into the hands of her Warmonger Corporate Masters. She already sold her own son into the war, and used his so-called “service” as just another political tool. She’ll rejoice if he gets his stupid head blown off, just like she’s rejoicing over a politically hot issue in Ft Hood. The lives of the soldiers mean NOTHING to her or her Party. They’ll use the incident to get more money into their greedy little fists.

I’m not worried about hurting their feelings since they obviously have none.

Mrs Palin and her entire Criminal Cartel make money off not only every Iraqi that gets Murdered but also off each American that dies. She’s going to be pretending to commiserate with the families of the killed while thinking about how she’s going to spend the money she made off their deaths.

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