Scabs have been getting welfare since Spring

Technically, it’s legal. And not any more or less Morally Repugnant than stealing the bread from the mouths of our Fellow Workers and their kids, and selling their future, their childrens’ futures, the futures of their fellow workers and the children thereof into Perpetual Wage Slavery.

?It’s not like they would be above a little bit of State Subsidies for their sorry worthless asses.?

This from an A.N.D. and Food Stamps application. Strikers aren’t eligible. If your brother is on strike, for instance, and you invite him over for a meal, you could lose your food stamps. But, that’s the beginning.

Conditional Employees, like the Scabs that Safeway and Kroger hired last spring to basically be ready to go to work breaking a strike, have been eligible for Food Stamps, LEAP, AFDC, rent assistance and any other State Aid that would ordinarily entail actually looking for a job. Because technically they HAVE a job, just, you know, not a paying job.

Kroger and Safeway have boasted they have 3700 temporary workers on a waiting list. So, if they’re not getting public assistance, and not getting paid by the Corporations, they would have to be working Somewhere Else, thus, not ready to drop a REAL Job and go to work helping the corporation enslave their fellow workers.

Of the three scenarios, a) They’re getting public assistance while sitting on their worthless rumps?, b) they’re being paid by the corporations, c) they’re working REAL jobs but are prepared to leave those jobs for a temporary position that might not even happen, OR d) they’ve been living rent-free and getting their groceries and other bills mysteriously, or starving, homeless and broke.

I’d say Option a) must be the correct answer. Which means the State is subsidizing two mega-big Corporations in their efforts to break the Union.

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