Scary Sarah story….

75% of Americans believe Silly Sarah is NOT qualified to run for president… that’s scary…
Because 25% of Americans are so STUPID they believe she IS.

My God, the woman did not know the constitutionally defined duties of the Vice President (to be prepared to assume the duties of President should the President no longer be capable of performing those duties).

Richard Cheney did know, but had a team of lawyers (I noticed the typical Colorado pronunciation of the word is “liars”. very apt) to define the Vice Presidency as some sort of above-all-laws Imperium. Sarah does not know. Sarah believes that Jesus chooses her to be the leader and that she can find the WMDs in Iraq and Osama bin Laden, just by the indwelling Holy Ghost. I believe she blasphemes against the Holy Ghost by making such claims.

She hasn’t channeled Jesus to help the army find these elusive targets , perhaps Jesus is so P.O.’d that we didn’t choose His vessel to be our leader so instead He’s going to oh what’s the use? Her STUPID racist followers don’t believe in Logic or anything resembling logic. They actually believe that the goofy bitch is qualified to have her nasty little fingers on the triggers of the Biggest Baddest Guns in the entire history of History itself.

They also believe that Obama is the Antichrist, we’re all going to either be Raptured out (not biblical but they think so anyway) or burn in Hell forever before 2012 anyway, sa why exactly would it matter if she could run for president in 2012 anyway.?

If 2012 election cycle arrives and she’s not raptured out that means she’s not one of the Chosen Ones OR that she’s been fed and subsequently feeding others a lie about the Raptu… oh damn, I’m confusing them again, apparently I’ve got some kind of rabid-ass idea that her supporters are capable of actual logic…

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