School suspect Pro-Military Terrorist

Guess that’s all you can call it. His beef was that the school didn’t “respect” military personnel enough.
My Bullshit Meter is reading off the dial.

Did the kids not bow and worship as the Recruiter tried to get them to sign their souls to the Army? Did a teacher or a student advise some of them that the Recruiters are Liars?

Just how much deference are we and our society supposed to show? Allegedly America isn’t a dictatorship.

If people talk smack about the military and the military persons don’t like it, so what?

Either they’re fighting for freedom or they’re lying.

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  1. That would be the fellow in New York who held a school principal at gunpoint today. Nobody from the Right Wing is talking smack about him being a Religious Extremist so I guess waving a loaded firearm in the general direction of American Children is acceptable as long as the gunman isn’t Muslim.

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