Seems like they’re wiring up the propaganda, pre-attack

The Local Gestapo says an “estimated” 75% of the homeless population living on the creeks in the HooverVille tent city have “substance abuse problems”.
“Estimated” meaning they pulled the number out of their ASS. But it’s how they get the La Gente Buena, Le Bon-Tonne, the Upper Crust Citizens to accept the notion that somehow, some way, they can look upon the PEOPLE who are homeless as being unworthy of basic human rights. All they have to do is call them “bums, hoboes, Drunkards, dopers and/or Crazy” and suddenly, BANG! they’re not Human anymore.

The people in the tent city now have to watch their backs really close. That kind of Hate Rhetoric is usually followed by the Frightened Villagers storming the camps with torches and pitchforks.

As the downward spinning economy well, spins downward, there’ll be more Hoovervilles in cities across the land, and more frustration and fear from those who believe they’re somehow Better Class People than those “Mentally Ill Substance Abusing Bums”…

And they have a long record of becoming Violent, even murderous, toward the “bums”. The scenes in the book and movie “The Grapes of Wrath” were deliberately toned down. It doesn’t seem like it, but they were. The desperation and hopelessness and starvation and sheer human Misery and tragedy were downplayed. Because the truth was so very ugly. And the murderous attacks on the Okies were more numerous and more violent than anything portrayed in the book/movie. So was the retaliation.

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