Sometimes I wonder if they actually know what they’re doing…

Targeted advertising companies that is. I get ads for all kinds of stoopit  stuff. John Cornyn and Rick Perry have me on their mailing list, WHY? I voted against them and anybody whose name appeared on any piece of paper that they coauthored.

Proudly and loudly. An online “newesletter” scam called the Trunk fundraiser for the Goopers, kept emailing me asking for money even after Bush got appointed by 5 “justices” who were appointed, in turn, by his Daddy and his daddy’s former bosses. They asked me for money to help them fight Left Wing Persecution of “Our Leader”.

I emailed them back once and signed my name Yumus B. Frickinhigh. They doubled my spam folder in less than a week.

“Dear Yumus, the Liberal Media is criticizing Our Chimp again, please send a REAL credit card number so we can empty out your account to defend Our Leader…”

Now I’m getting what I surely hope is Random advertising promising ME a chance at a career with the …

wait for it….

No, seriously, they actually believe I’ll respond…

I’m not making this up, dammit, stop laughing…

The NSA.

Now, I know and you know that the Yankee Gubmint doesn’t really know how to wisely spend money.

Now, bouncing this ad off my email thirty times a day only costs them a few cents… but damn, that’s a few cents they could use to put a down payment on a bullet. Maybe put it with a few billion other cents and they could buy a couple of bombs.

But it does have some serious implications as to the actual effectiveness of their Targeting Algorithm. The way they bill their customers. Like for instance the U.S. government.

AND, any other software programs they’re selling the Government.  No wonder they haven’t caught bin Laden.

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