Speaking of Liars: Berlusconi…

The person who helped CheneyBush form their Hate and Murder Empire, said of the “unprovoked” attack where he got his face busted in, “love will conquer hate AND Envy”. Yes, friends, according to Mussolini Jr it’s “envy” to not want his cowardly baby-killing ilk to Rule Over Us.
Sounds just like the Rich self-made-bastards here who say we’re “envious” if we don’t accept the untermench title of “bum” because they’re “better” than us. Obviously, because God Himself allowed them, through theft and murder, to gain enough wealth to reign over us. They even teach their Piglets to say that.

Fascists worldwide think alike. “Class war” is suddenly Envy if the guns are no longer pointed AWAY from their “superior” class. If we rebel against their plans to send the scions of the Poor to go and conquer other nations, like Berlusconi and Cheney did with Iraq, send Their “lower class” over to fight against the other “lower class” in other countries. They even use Possessive terms to describe “their” citizens. I’ve got a sister who objected to me saying that George Bush made a profit off 9/11. That he wouldn’t have 3,000 of “his own” Citizens murdered. Yep, in Fascist-speak, we’re “their” property, to do with as they choose.
They say that Saddam had (a lot fewer of) “his own” people (than the American-Italian-British Fascist Coalition had) killed.

But it’s “Envy” to express a desire to not be Slaves to “our” Corporate Masters. And “hatred” to resist their so-called “Love” expressed in that concept that they’re better than the rest of us. So much so that they DESERVE to rule over us. It’s “hatred” to resist, and when they attempt to silence any other way, to smack one of them in his Fat, Smug Lying Fascist face with a church.

I ought to put that picture back, the one with his Lying face all bloodied up.

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