Talk about your basic entitlement mentality

So this guy writes a letter to the Independent, identifies himself as a Former Soldier, successful businessman and bitches and complains that he tried to hire some college students to do “construction work” at his home, and they weren’t flocking to his (really really NOT) very generous offer of $20 an hour with no guarantees of a safe working environment, and instead what seems like a very shaky workplace, since he’s hiring people to do construction who have no experience at construction. Says that since they’re getting public assistance in the form of student loans or grants they somehow owe it to him to work for him whenever he demands. And says it makes him feel like Glenn Beck.

Talk about your basic Entitlement Mentality. Albert Marle states that he won’t make a closing statement, but asks us to draw our own conclusion.
OK. First, the guy is a nut.
People who are getting public assistance are not automatically in his debt to the tune of being at his “Beck” and call to do whatever tasks he assigns for whatever pay he offers.
He states that he Demanded young college boys to “work” for him at $20 an hour. Doing construction. General or Major or whatever Marle, you really ought to consider hiring Union workers for construction. Because the Union makes sure you get QUALIFIED workers. I mean, if that’s what you were really after. You can draw a conclusion from that if you wish.

I mean, you could hire unqualified workers, easily, like Sam (not Joe) the Fake Plumber, Sarah Failin’s boyfriend, but you’d be getting somebody who’s too stupid or too lazy to get any training in his chosen field. Then gets paid under the table, and evades paying his taxes.

I hear he’s unemployed and listening to voices he thinks are Jesus. Not surprising.
Thing with hiring unqualified workers, that shows you cut corners. MY personal construction experience is that gentlemen who cut corners on the wages, cut corners on the materials, also cut corners on the Safety, Workman’s Compensation, and usually sell a shoddy product to their customers for however much they can gouge them. Probably what you meant by being a “successful businessman”. I get the impression you give your customers “the business” routinely. Good of you to publicly warn your customers that you have that business “ethic”.

Then there’s your choice of Heroes. Glenn Beck? He was on the Leno show dressed like a Construction Worker. Plugging a book with a picture of him dressed in a Nazi military uniform.

The Dude Likes To Dress Up In Fetish Clothes.

Dresses like a Worker but doesn’t work, dresses like a Soldier even though he’s never tried to join anybody’s military. And shrieks loudly that he’s not gay in any way. He’s a Classic Closet Case and doesn’t fool anybody, except for his fans, who are notoriously stupid.

His choice of friends is kind of telling too. Fellow War-monger Draft Dodgers like Rush and Bill-o. Make money promoting wars even though they’re too yellow to join. Pretty damning stuff there. Maybe he hires college boys to do “construction work” at his house too.

Other than laughing at his choice of heroes and him writing a complaint that reads a lot like Porn…

Dude, people who don’t know what they’re doing on a Job Site, like people who haven’t got any construction experience, screw things up for everybody else on that job site. They’re DANGEROUS. I don’t know if you had said that in your whiney-ass complaint about ungrateful kids not wanting to be Disposable Workers, if you said that you had experience as a Construction Contractor. If you did, and don’t realize how badly you Fuck Up by hiring an entire or majority or even a few well placed minority of the crew being completely inexperienced, that means by simple Process of Elimination that you’re a really Bad Employer. I don’t know how you got any success in the military with that sort of management style. But dude, I would not only refuse to follow you into a life-or-death situation, I wouldn’t follow you into a Whorehouse if you were paying. Because you make really BAD decisions and then insist that you be obeyed and trusted as though you were Smart.

Hiring all Union might not guarantee you a safe jobsite, but hiring people with the first requirement of them being Non-Union DOES guarantee you an accident. That’s why Sam Wurzlbach is out of work, not as retaliation for him backing Little Miss Stupid Girl Sarah, but because he’s Not Qualified As A Plumber and people realize it.

It’s why your Hero Glenn Beck dresses like a Real Construction Worker but doesn’t work. Instead he makes his living talking smack for the Very Rich. He’s good at talking smack. It’s his ONLY talent. It’s a good thing he found a job with Fox News because, quite frankly, his only alternative was Welfare (maybe prison).

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  1. Avatar Albert Marle says:

    Good post. All of what you said about hiring people without expericance was hind sight – I should of had it before my letter. It turned out a couple of my fellow students did help, and we did build the house over the 5 week break (well most of it). But my letter was about the difference between blue collar and white collar. There IS a difference. I never had 5 weeks OFF. And even if I did, I would get bored out of my mind. The bottom line is that during the break, most students don’t care and will use the tax deffered stipend and grants to carry them through school – and the breaks. I am sorry that you think I am a nut, but tax paying citizens shouldn’t fund vacations.

    Al Marle

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