Tea Party and the Confederacy aka KKK

confederate flagsThis is a picture of two Confederate flags, the one on the left, is called The Southern Cross. It has religious and Klan significance for people who believe that Christ commanded them to Hate other PEOPLE and, just incidentally, Kill them. This flag shows up more and more frequently at Tea Party rallies. There were a few hundred of them at the DC Tea-Bagging, the one that drew less than 60,000 but the Reich Wing claimed to be in the Millions. Klansmen are notorious for stupidity, and not being able to count is one of their strongest points.

They also don’t usually know the name of their own Literally God-Damned flag. They continually refer to it as “The Stars and Bars” which is actually the other flag in the picture. For people who say they’re re-creating history, well, they are. They’re writing a heavily censored version of what they wish history had been. The reality is that these flags, far from being symbols of Liberty, are symbols of Corporate Slavery on a massive level. One which the Confederacy started a war which killed half a million Americans to maintain. “Liberty” for the Very Rich and none at all for either the black slaves or for the White and Indian peoples in the South who were condemned to the same level of poverty and ignorance just by Slavery existing in their midst. Sadly, it’s these Cracker Clowns who bore the brunt of the killing. Why? Because then as now, the ancestors of the “Tea Party” and their Corporate Masters suppressed Public Education. Much like their Tantrum in a Teapot about President Obama making a speech on school television. Thus they kept the Commoners STUPID enough to support the cause of “liberty” meaning, the Liberty of the Very Rich to randomly and arbitrarily take away the liberty of anybody else.

kkkMuch like the asshole Retards in the following picture, giving the Bellamy Salute to their “Christian” flag.

And the Flag at the bottom is a satire of the Slavery and Murder “Christian” Flag being flown as part of the State Flag of Georgia. Which I misidentified previously as the state flag of Florida.

On  which the former Florida Governor (and son and brother of two presidents) Jeb Bush jumped into the debate claiming it  as being “Not Hate, Heritage”.

swastika2Jeb Bush whom the Tea Party are considering for a run for president in 3 years.

See, even some of the Racists are ashamed (at least a little bit) about being Racists.  Not ashamed enough to actually cut the shit out, just enough to realize that other people think it’s stupid (because it is) and try to deny the obvious. Dumbshit Hoam Skule Graduates.

And to think some people have to go all the way to Egypt to swim in De Nile.

Sure it’s not “Hate”, they don’t Hate black folks, it’s just they feel that black PEOPLE are inferior, not really human and should be forced into slave labor, and killed if they resist. That’s their heritage. Mine too, unfortunately, unfortunately only because people will assume that I’m as fucking retarded as the Klan and the Tea Party just because I was born in Kansas and spent most of my life in Texas. And, like them, I call myself Christian.

I just don’t, you know, go around saying stupid shit like People should be KILLED (or enslaved) in the name of God.

The Tea Party and related Terror Groups like the Minutemen and our dear beloved RepubliKlan Party and their Publicly Funded Private Army Blackwater, Inc. like to deny that they’re affiliated in any way with these Jackoffs.

But, they are. At Sarah Failin’ rallies people not only waved the Stupid Flag they also screamed stupid shit like “He’s a Secret Muslim”.

Which shows that not only don’t they know Jack Shit about Christianity they also don’t know Jack Shit about Islam.

All they knew and all they still know is that a Black man was uppity enough to run for President of the United States and it burns their Nasty Little Racist Souls.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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4 Responses to Tea Party and the Confederacy aka KKK

  1. Avatar Palladin says:

    You ARE an idiot.

    Your president is the only one who has ever kept as a close confidant a self proclaimed terrorist and admitted murderer whose only regret was he did not kill more…Bill Ayers. Your diatribe is straight out of the liberal media and shows how well you have been brainwashed. I tell you the solution, dumbass, the Southern states, along with a few others including Alaska, will eventually secede again. We’ll drill offshore, have a good economy, and the rest of you brainless libs can tax yourselves into starvation.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    You show how well YOU’VE been brainwashed by Fox News.

    George Bush kept as “associates” Terrorists like Erik Prince, of Blackwater.

    I grew up in Texas, took all the required courses in school, even lived in Trailer Parks. Grew up poor, meaning, I was steeped in that Confederate Mystique Mythology bullshit. The ones your Terror Network are exploiting.

    Are you personally one of the Cowards pushing the idea of murdering “libs” in the name of your hatred? One of the Skulking Jackals who can’t even muster the courage to come up to me or anybody else your current system would condemn to Death By No Health Care, and tell me or anybody else to our faces that we deserve to DIE for the profit margin of YOUR Corporate Masters?
    The way you Coward Skulks condemned my WIFE to death. For the “crime” of being disabled and poor.
    You won’t man up and admit that you did such things though.
    Too Fucking God-Damn Yellow.

    Your “Leaders” like Glenn Beck and Rush and any of the Bush Klan, not only weren’t they able to Man Up and actually go to any of the wars they “supported” they’re not able to Man Up and actually be even the Coward Pukes who they talked into tossing the bricks through windows and attempting to Murder a Congressman for the so called “Crime” of backing up Health Care.

    They hide behind their microphones and cameras in their heavily guarded studios, then go home to their Tax-payer Subsidized Mansions in the Gated Communities where they hide behind Security Guards.

    And they hide behind any “Confederate Hero” not-rich person they can brainwash with their talk of “Liberty”.
    The same way they sent OTHER PEOPLE to do their fighting for their profit in every war ever fought in this country.

    Even Ronald Reagan and John Wayne, two of you Pukes’ favorite “heroes” declined to fight in World War II. That’s the calibre of “men” you punks look up to as being your Leaders.

    I speak from 50 years of experience dealing with Klan types. Not from “media”.

    By the way, Terrorist Supporter, you don’t know how to spell Paladin. What, don’t you even read the name of the publisher on your Paladin Press Terror Manuals?

    But go ahead and “defend” our “right to die when told to do so by Corporate Death Panels”.

    Come to my FACE and tell me how I don’t deserve to LIVE, Punk. Tell me how my WIFE deserved to die for not being rich.

    I bet you don’t have the Fucking Balls, “hero”.

    Nobody in your Coward-Ass Terrorist Tea-Party has managed to muster the courage to do so yet.

    I carry a rope around in my backpack, just in case you get enough of your Coward Skulks to come confront me, bitch.

    Because I’ve spent my life dealing with Klan assholes, I know how to do it.
    You’re not even man enough to threaten somebody on a personal face to face basis. Maybe if you get enough of your partners to back you up.

    Y’all can help yourself to a Texas Size all-you-can-eat buffet of KISS MY LIBERAL ASS

  3. Avatar white powerless says:

    As over the top as this was, it’s a 100% right. Most of the (white) people i’ve meet in my life, throw around racist ideas and phrases behind closed doors. Hate is for the stupid…..I knew the was a revolution coming, but imagined it would be that of the counter culture 60’s. Fuck, the old, dumb, and Middle class (the rich have them fooled) are just to goddamned organized.

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, I HAD to make it over the top, it was the only ammunition that would penetrate some of their brain cells.
    Revolutionary means new ideas and new concepts, the notion of the planets including Earth revolved around the sun, “Revolutionary”. Literally. And it was still a fairly young concept at the time of the American revolution.

    Heavily organized, sure. But not from the grassroots. There’s a fair amount of ex-military among them, but not a majority. And the ones who were officers, don’t visibly seem to be running things, just taking orders. So who would be giving the orders? The mouthpieces at Fox aren’t running it, although they’re doing a lot of passing the message along.

    Plus I’m southern and can pass for white, depending on who does the judgment. The continuance of racist smack-talking that’s straight from generations past, handed down without letup, just makes everybody with a southern accent look ignorant.

    Even the words phrases and concepts are old. Just dusted off for a new generation.

    And what some of the most Refuse-to-become-educated of the lot say, that Yankees think they’re better than us. “Elitist”.

    I think they just became weary from listening to a century-and-a-half long parade of southern gentlemen approaching them and telling them they’re inferior simply because of being born up north.
    In broken English from people who are somewhat proud to only speak English. So somebody with a more-or-less hillbilly way of expressing himself would make for a conditioned reflex… hear “y’all” being used to describe one person, turn off ears. Save time and save breath and save sanity.

    I still sometimes jest with “Ah’m on a mission, to larn y’all yankees how to talk English good like me”.

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