Tea-Party so-called “Patriots” rejoicing

And shouting in the name of God for Joy because they forced a compromise that’s going to KILL Americans. They sure do love the idea of KILLING Americans. Then they have the God-Damned nerve to say that I’m not a “Real” American because I don’t support their Murdering Ways. To say that I or my brothers or Miss Johnnie don’t DESERVE to live because we’re not Wealthy. “Freedom” and “Liberty” and “Right To Life” but only for the Rich.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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4 Responses to Tea-Party so-called “Patriots” rejoicing

  1. Avatar Pinche says:

    Honest to God I read this, but I don’t have the slightest idea about what you are attempting to say? Actually…. you’re not saying anything, are you?

    ‘To say that I or my brothers or Miss Johnnie don’t DESERVE to live because we’re not Wealthy.’

    Huh? This is just empty, empty noise. You’re running your mouth here without saying anything at all. If this clap trap is your contribution to the Health Care ‘debate’ then you might need some after all. Or at least a good cup of soothing herbal tea…

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    No, it assumes that most people who read the blog do so regularly.

    The Tea Party and their comrades have almost completely blocked a Public Option health care funding, through a Compromise that really doesn’t need to be made, and, if it is made, if the Public Option is taken out, then persons who have No Insurance now won’t be able to get any health care. Hence the remarks about it killing Americans.

    Americans already die at the rate of 44 thousand a year (at a minimum) from not being allowed basic health care. That includes those who are denied necessary treatments even though they’ve bought into the Health “insurance” racket. Those of us who can’t afford insurance, or can’t get it at any cost due to pre-existing conditions, the Corporate Insurance Death Panels have already deemed us unworthy of life. The “Right To Life” the Tea Party keep preaching, literally preaching, doesn’t apply to people they don’t consider worthy of Life.

    It’s not very complex, when you realize the people who organized and funded the Tea Party also preach, in Jesus name, against Moral Relativism. While practicing the most violent form of Moral Relativism. Right To Life, Thou Shalt Not Kill, unless… and the list that follows “Unless” is very very long, and subject to arbitrary additions to the reasons they profess that God gives them permission to deny Life to anybody. Reasons that ultimately end up with a simple “We said so, that’s why, and you don’t have a right to question us”

    War, for instance. The right to have an actual living wage for lining their leaders’ pockets through our labor. Part of that is the Health Care necessary for us to sustain our ability to provide that labor.

    The “Right To Life” crowd doesn’t believe we have such a right. It boils down to the concept that only the Rich have actual rights. The right to exploit labor, the right to seize any resources they want even in foreign nations, the right to use military force to do it if the people who occupy the lands where the resources are…

    Health Care is but one facet of a Religion based on Greed. It’s called Capitalism and Materialism.

    What gets me, a Christian, heavily involved against that Religion of Greed is that they quite often mask their Idolatrous Money Worship by using the name Christianity. The Tea Party are especially heinous about doing so.

    Health Care, which they deem to not be an actual right, is an essential of the Life which they LIE and say they believe IS a right.

    They further use Patriotism to mask their Greed Religion. Saying that instead of the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and other parts of the world which receive less attention being about Money in the pockets of their leaders, that it’s about Making Americans Free.

    Free to work for their leaders at whatever wage their leaders offer. And still not have enough immediate wages or Health Care, which WE earned, to survive.

    Freedom for their Leaders to hold the rest of us as slaves.
    Freedom for their Leaders to deny us the basic right to Life through neglect, through poverty and through lack of basic health care.

    And again, they preach this, literally, in the name of Jesus.

    Today the Tea Party and their Corporate Masters are celebrating what they consider to be a Victory. They’ve won a victory over AMERICANS who will most certainly die without the Health Care Reform.

    Already, with the 44,000 Americans per year that they’ve KILLED through non-availability of Health Care, they’ve beaten al Qa’eda by a score of Ten Fold, and will do so again and again each year.

    They’ve gained the title, though they’ll surely reject it, of being the most prolific and efficient Killer of Americans in all of our history. They’re the Supreme Anti-American Terrorist Group.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Got ahead of myself there, I’ll finish out this concept..

    The right to exploit labor, the right to seize any resources they want even in foreign nations, the right to use military force to do it if the people who occupy the lands where the resources are…

    Meaning the right to exploit labor in countries like Guatemala and Honduras and “send in the troops” if the people there don’t want to work as slave labor for American Corporations or to give their land and oil and other resources to those same Corporations.

    The “right” to take those resources by military force if the people who have them refuse to give them away at whatever price the Corporations offer. Same with our labor here. For the poor, our labor is our ONLY resource.

    It takes money to produce our labor, money to keep ourselves fed, in decent clothes, housed, MEDICAL CARE, just to maintain our ability to provide our One Resource. The Corporations believe that they and only they have a right to sell “their” goods at whatever price they demand, if we demand a fair price, including Health Care, for our Labor, our ONLY resource, the Corporations use the Paramilitary Police Forces to compel us to work for them at whatever price they offer.

    This is the “Liberty” the Tea Party and Minutemen and other DUPES of the Corporate Overlords stand for.

    It would almost be pleasurable to contemplate that the Tea Party are cutting their own throats, holding themselves down… Except they’re doing it to try to hold US down as well.

  4. Avatar Pinche says:

    Like I said, your original post lacks much substance on top of being mainly just plain incoherent. Your answer to my comment about that only attacked some fictional ‘Tea Party’ over and over again and you claim that it is blocking health care reform and causing murder.

    There is no ‘Tea Party’ though. Just Democrats attacking Republicans and Republicans attacking Democrats mainly. Are you trying to attack them both or just backing the Democrats over the Republicans? Do you even know yourself what you are trying to do here? Your conjuring up a fictional ‘Tea Party’ doesn’t really make your comments all that much more coherent. It is just a tirade.

    The Democratic Party has pushed for no real reform of the Health System, the Financial System, or the Military-Industrial System. Your mythical ‘Tea Party’ is not to blame for their inaction on any of these fronts, Jonah.

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