Tempest in a Tea-Party?

NYC 9/11 trial upsetting to Republicans, why? If the guys are guilty or even if they’re not they’ll be convicted. Do they really believe that a New York jury would be “liberal” in any way? Or the NYPD or the courts?

The ones who unanimously voted to look the other way when the New York cops blew away an UNARMED immigrant Amadou Diallo with the only surviving witnesses, the Cops who murdered him, saying they had identified themselves as Pigs.
Then they raped a Haitian immigrant, also black, with a broomstick and almost killed him thereby. The Cops got away scot free in both instances. Yet somehow the New York Judiciary is going to be “liberal” and overly concerned with the rights of Gitmo detainees? Since WHEN?

The other concern the Republican Hate Machine voices is that “secrets” might be revealed. Like the way they were and are so very concerned for the CIA agents and more importantly, the CIA informants who live in the countries affected, over the Outing of Valerie Plame-Wilson. Again, like with the NYC Death Squad murders, their Minions go scot free.

A word of advice for the Republican’t crybabies, there are a widespread group of people who believe the 9/11 attack was either committed by or facilitated by the RNC and ex-president Bush. The Bush administration and many members of their Country Club Clique, like Kenneth Lay, got a free pass on investigations into everything from the Rigged Election to the Massive Stocks and Securities Fraud which the Bush-supported enterprise Enron first brought to light.

That investigation disappeared, and the perpetrators of THAT massive fraud went on to do it uninterrupted for 7 more years, and managed to pillage the entire economy of the world.

The RNC and their Propaganda Ministry (Fox News) are just NOW worried about secrets being revealed? I’d say the only people whose security concerns are breached will be the Thieves, Liars and Murderers who infest the RNC.

If y’all Republicans are worried that people might find out that you’ve been ripping them off for decades, Too Damn Late. People know that already. Worried that people might find out the RNC Lied to start the war against the people of Iraq? Too Damn Late, people already know. Lots of us.

It’s one of the things that got 60 Democratic senators and an almost equivalent percentage of Representatives elected in a Massive Spanking delivered to the Republican Fraud and Murder Machine last November. The Tea Party are loud, but not anywhere near the Majority of Americans. By their own math there’s less than 3.5% of the population involved in their never-ending tantrum.

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