The New Romans

These were just on the TV about a half hour ago.
bacon-cinnamon roll
Deep-fried Coca-Cola
A Chocolate Milkshake served in a what looked like a brandy snifter in size only conical like a martini glass, with barbecue sauce on the rim and a Chicken McNugget garnish… supposedly a “joke” about the Politically Correct notion that we really shouldn’t put poisons into our bodies deliberately. Real Funny.

I swear by the Lord God Jehovah who made us all that these bastards are trying a new tactic to defeat publicly (and privately) funded health care.

A mass Die-in where they, lemming-like, induce Very Expensive Cardiac Problems and other diet-based Very Expensive Ways To Die. Kind of an in-your-face Tea Party “freedom” shoutfest where they angrily demand the “right” to bankrupt the entire world with their extravagant Conspicuous Consumption.

Like the last two centuries of Rome as Imperial Power. What do they do next, have a Vomitorium replete with slaves whose job is to clean up the puke of their Rich Masters? The Romans did actually do that, St Paul even mentioned it and so did The Revelation, it’s called “banqueting and surfeiting”

They would gather in their slave-supported palaces and eat the riches of the empire, brought to them by conquest and by the requisite murders necessary to bring the “tribute” into Rome.. and the slaves.

They would eat until they could eat no more, go to the vomitorium, stick a feather to the back of their mouth, Barf, wipe their Delicate Lips then go right back to eating, drinking, and having their way with the Slaves and the children of the Slaves.

Much what the Tea-Party want to emulate here. Indulge themselves in all manner of lust and greed and gluttony, then for dessert, go to the Arena and watch Slaves kill each other for the amusement of their Masters.

Much like the Libertarian Idyll they’re fighting now, tooth and nail, to preserve and expand.

Yes, in Rome, the Free Citizens were very free… They were also outnumbered three to one by the slaves just in Rome and 100 to one by the people in the Vassal states which provided them their wealth and “freedom”.

And when the Vandals finally sacked Rome, and every subsequent conquest, the “Civilized” Romans would piss and moan about how the Barbarians were so very rude and mean to them. And their complaining Whine sounds really familiar “Why should WE suffer for what our ancestors did? WE didn’t sack Carthage or Athens or Judea or Gaul or Britannia or Germania. it was our long dead ancestors that did!! We just kept the money is all, and of course the slave-based Army and Service Economy and the Pillage/Tribute”

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