The Royal Pain demands no photos…

Kiss off, BessieSo I snarfed one of the Uglier ones to publish. Of course, with British Royalty, “Uglier” is only a matter of degree, there’s no Pretty pictures of them.

Wonder how many Tea-Party Wannabee Revolutionary “patriots” I’ll piss off with this one. For people who like to pretend they’re Paul Revere fighting the Crown, they sure do get testy when the Royals get the disrespect they so richly deserve.

“Oh, No!” they whine, “the British are our closest loyal puppet-dictatorship in the Global War on Truth!” and similar screams that we’re picking on them, like calling Tony Blair, ex-PM, “George Bush’s Poodle”. Especially since he was and still IS George Bush’s Poodle.

Yep, dress up like Revolutionaries and then demand, in their squeaky pathetic tantrum-voices, that we bow before Royalty.

There’s a French word for that, it’s pronounced poser but it’s actually spelled Poseur. Now they’re going to be angry that somebody dares to use the French Language in America. How petit of them.

Vive l’Anarquism.

They’d get doubly angry if I pointed out that Paul Revere was actually Paul Revoire and merely changed the spelling of his last name because the Pretentious Boston Bumpkins had a large amount of difficulty spelling or pronouncing it. Happens a lot.

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