The Tiger Gossip Factor.

When you play video games you get blinding flashes of lights, loud noises at seemingly random intervals and some of the most Irritating Music known to mankind. Pinball the same way. In political circles, it’s stuff that makes you not think about Health Care being denied, therefore a whole bunch of real people being really killed. Or Afghanistan, again, real people really DYING. No, gentle reader, the overwhelming news story today is how many women did a certain golfer sleep with, not counting his wife, and what his bar tab is.

I don’t know about the women. Usually when a guy says he slept with a woman it’s because she told him “NO!” and probably the word “creep” came into the brief conversational interlude. That’s normal. Usually girls don’t tell when they’ve slept with a dude.
It’s an important double standard. And it would cloud any speculation. So, did he? Who knows? Why speculate? PEOPLE ARE DYING.

The bar tab is even stupider. 1500 for a bar tab is actually normal if you take in two factors… he’s rich and he’s a golfer, meaning most of his bar time is going to be at country clubs.

He’s also a good golfer. Whoop-di-diddly-doo but hey, there’s a stupid golf tradition that goes along with the funny pants. If you get a hole-in-one you’re supposed to buy everybody at the bar a drink. I don’t have the skill where I would owe everybody at the bar a drink. EVER. So I don’t know if that multiplies if you get TWO aces.

Or more. So why the stress over a Bar Tab? There’s not one single person in the world who could drink $1500 worth of booze. It’s a Non-Starter, a Null Operand.

PEOPLE are Dying.

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