Time for scabs to get the hell off welfare

Since Safeway and Kroger have had at their count 3700 workers standing ready to take the jobs of the union workers, (the Union workers who actually BUILT the company) that means they haven’t been working or finding work anywhere else. That means, ergo, they’ve been collecting Food Stamps and AFDC benefits. Ordinarily, that would involve having to actually work doing public service, AND be looking for regular jobs. For the past 7 months.

Thus, the State of Colorado has been subsidizing the Safeway and Kroger corporations.

There’s a rule for receivixng public assistance, tailored to Serve The Rich in their ongoing oppression and pillage of the Workers. (the ones who build the wealth they’re not allowed to share) that if you’re on strike or if you “share” your benefits with people who are on strike, like paying union dues, or if anybody who lives with you or eats at your table is on strike OR PAYS UNION DUES, then you can be charged with Fraud for accepting public assistance.

Typical that the State would come to the rescue of their Corporate Masters. If Bill Owens or Pete Coors were the Governor now, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation would have been making the rounds this morning kicking down the doors of Union Supporters and charging them with this made up crime.

Instead, the State of Colorado has given a Tax-Free outright GIFT of millions of dollars to these two Corporate Parasites over the past 7 months by subsidizing literally thousands of potential Scabs.

And, sadly, their State and Local Police will be enforcing for the Corporations, once again. Just like always.

The Police Motto is “all citizens get equal protection under the law, but Some are more equal than Others”.

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