to be slain by famine and by pestilence and by the beasts of the field

So it’s been noted a few times the past few years that the Earth is fighting back. Not content to be slaughtered in the name of “progress.” The animals particularly have been doing things they’ve not been previously quick to do. Used to be, they feared us. And with good reason.

A 19-year-old folk singer from Toronto has died after being attacked by two coyotes in Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

Taylor Josephine Stephanie Luciow, who went by the stage name Taylor Mitchell, died overnight at the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax. She had been on tour in the Maritimes.

The quote at the top is from the Revelation, chapter 6 verse 7.

One Dominionist I know has said (aside from calling anybody interested in preserving God’s earth an “ecoterrorist”) that there’s no way humans can possibly destroy the ecosystem.
Or that we would have the power of Stewardship to actually heal the damage we’ve caused.
But somehow we’d be able to subdue it to our wants and wishes.

Dominionists are only confusing if you try to address their bullshit logically. Or from the standpoint that they actually believe the pseudo-religious bullshit they use to dupe the semi-literate into believing they’re doing the will of God by raping the earth. See also: Right To Life activists being pro-war and pro-death penalty.

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