Top Gun was feeling “sheepish”

Because he was having a Baaaaaaaad day.  That’s the “Humorous” anecdote related to me by two Air Force sergeants who were laughing it up over the Air Force murdering at least one Kurdish civilian in 2000. Ha ha, really damn funny. This goes along with the claims made by the Air Force Murderers who unleash the Predator drones that their weapons don’t actually target Civilians. They LIE as well as murder.

In the attack on the Kurdish shepherd, the Air Force pilot with all the imaging equipment, computerized targeting, etc etc… Couldn’t tell the difference between heavily armed “insurgents” and a flock of Sheep.

Almost in defense of the two USAF sergeants who related this to me, they believed the Pilots assertions that no humans died in the Holocaust he rained down on the Flock of Sheep… and their human shepherd or shepherds. Because domestic sheep always have shepherds.

That would be the Pilot who, by his own admission, couldn’t tell the difference between Human and Sheep in the first place. Even using all his High Tech Murder Machinery.

The Pilot was “patrolling” the Northern No-Fly Zone of Iraq from an airbase in Turkey. and allegedly to protect the Kurds from the Iraqi Army.

The U.S. Military already had a record of assisting their Loyal Turkish Allies in their extermination campaign against the Kurds. Nothing changed with this incident.

Even with Regime Change in Russia and Iraq and America, nothing substantially changed

It kind of gets glossed over in Warmongering Propaganda like that served up by Fox News and The Colorado Springs Gazette, especially the part about some of these operations being conducted jointly between the Turks… and the Soviet Union, Iran and Iraq. The Air Support provided by the U.S.A.F in this genocidal campaign, of course, doesn’t make them accomplices. Of course.

I had published this earlier but given the Jingoistic Bullshit we’re being subjected to not daily but Hourly it seems like a good time to unpack this once more.

“Operation Iraqi Freedom” in a Pig’s Ass.

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