Übermenschen, a shorter story…

The Leaders say that we’ll win in Afghanistan because we have “superior technology”.

Like the Soviet Hind helicopters, thermal imaging, an intelligence service that was feared worldwide…

Or that before the USAF Terroristic Blitzkrieg bombing began, there were 5 aircraft in their entire country. Their aircraft were destroyed in less than a minute. On the ground. According to one of the supporters of the Pentagon Murder Campaign, who also gloated that “we bombed them into rubble on the first day, and after that were just bombing the rubble”.

We’ll win, they say, because the Peasants will in the words of Berlusconi, “envy” our technology and our Superior ÜberKultur, which is of course, better than theirs. And we’ll tell them over and over again that We are better than They, so they must stop resisting.
Resistance is Futile, you Will Be Assimilated. McDonalds and WalMart in Kabul.

Anybody who doesn’t like Mickey D and MallWart being in Kabul, will be in a cell at Bagram AFB being tortured daily until they say the Magick Words “Yes, Master, the Quarter Pounder with Cheese IS better than anything we have”.

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