US drones are a form of terrorism, Witch Hillary

hillary-witchPoor Hillary. She was made to look just absolutely stupid in Pakistan as she tried to pretend that US government drone killings are not terrorism. You see, in her fairy tale fantasy and propaganda world, any act of violence that she helps authorize automatically becomes candy and spice, and all that is nice! She’s the All American (and some say unfulfilled lesbian) Girl!
Hillary is the fuck em up the ass US cop! But the whole world shouldn’t be allowed to watch like that! What if she was to lose her slipper or just have a shoe thrown at her at one of those Pakistani press conferences? Then she would cry and pout!

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4 Responses to US drones are a form of terrorism, Witch Hillary

  1. Avatar pcm says:

    Was the lesbian aside necessary, Tony? Can your story stand on its own without the slime? A good journalist will stick to the facts and not dwell in yellow journalism. Are you trying to be Rush?

  2. Avatar pcm says:

    Basically, I do agree Hillary is the D’s version of Condi Rice. Just another White House bulldog. Although, I think if someone threw a shoe at her, she would pull off her pumps and throw back.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Yeah, you are right, pcm. That was gratuitous of me putting in the ‘lesbian’ thing. Like I don’t care and who DOES? So I’m replacing it with the words… UNFULFILLED LESBIAN instead. I do hope that Hillary finds true fulfillment when she’s not out killing!

    Plus, before you ever even said a word about it, I changed a part on my previous commentary about NPR from describing their male announcer voices as being overly ‘faggoty voices’ to being overly swishy voices. I describe this phenomena in the same way that i notice that commercials for getting ‘students’ to go to school to get prison guard training always use deep chested baritone voiced straight men, as do most football game color commentators. No swishiness there!~ Can’t allow it.

    And NO, I can never replace Rush or Beck no matter how hard I try.

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