Wal-Mart and Halls pulled the ad…

That they were purveying last year, but still, according to Jim Hightower, and everybody I know who works for Wally World, they still will fire “associates” who take more than 5 sick days. Now, in this flu Pandemic which we’re enduring, and some of us NOT enduring, the recommendations for self-quarantine is to stay home even 6 days after you’re asymptomatic. Count in the 1 or 2 days while you’re very symptomatic, and that makes MORE than the 5 days Wally World will give the Slave Laborers errr… “Associates” yeah, that’s the ticket to be sick and or contagious.

The commercial is (if I can’t get it to embed correctly) the one where a Wally World food handler is stocking Food in the refrigerated section, and experiencing Flu-like Symptoms. But a Big Tough Imaginary Drill Sergeant pops out of the cough drop she takes and commands her to keep Spreading The Deadly Virus… Errrr… encourages her to tough it out and not quit working just because she could possibly KILL her coworkers and customers with the Flu errr “has a little cough and sniffle”.

If I were to encourage people to NOT buy foodstuff at WalMart until and unless they change their Kill-the-workers-and-the-customers-for-money policy, I would be sued for libel. So I won’t.

Trade there all you want. Just remember the Capitalist Motto, “Caveat Emptor”, which is a fancy Latin term for “We’re gonna screw you every chance we get, and it’s going to be your own fault for allowing us”

\"The Stupid Bastard Calls This Funny\"

There’s a function of YouTube where you can comment on just how nice, how clever, or in this case, how utterly Retarded a video is.

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