We bought them, why can’t we exercise ownership?

The Big Banks, who were bailed out at public expense.  Now screaming “TYRANNY!” because the Treasury department is telling them not to be so blatant in their piggish ways.

While we’re at it, let’s do the same for some OTHER publicly subsidized “private” corporations. Insurance for instance. Health care. The Wreligious Wrong like to crow that America has the best care for cancer, all the cancer research was either supported directly by government grants or indirectly by tax-deductible “charitable contributions” to the research foundations, and the funding they received wasn’t counted as Taxable income on their end either.

We bought it.

The Aggravated Assaulted and Murder Department, aka “Defense” industry Daddy WarBucks types.

We the people financed their industries, but We the People aren’t getting any share of the profit.

Why is it unconstitutional for the government to Own the industries we paid for? It’s obviously not considered by the Libertarians to be unconstitutional for We the People to be giving them all the money they have.

And these are the same Corporate Welfare Fat Cats who look down on somebody who gets $115 a month in Food Assistance.

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