Well, now, here’s another Right Wing Brain Fart in action…

The son of Phyllis Schlafly is leading a movement to re-write the Bible to weed out all the Liberal “mistranslations”

Guess when they get it Wrong, they get it all the way Wrong. Yep, all that talk about Love thy Neighbor, faith hope and charity, longsuffering,  Good Samaritan, don’t lend your money out at usury (Capitalism), The Church at Jerusalem “having everything common” (Communism) Jesus healing the sick and not charging them anything (Socialized Medicine)… just too Liberal for them. And the whole concept of it being an Arabian religion to begin with (Abraham was from Iraq, Jesus was a Jew, the Magi were from Iran…) stirs their little Anti-Semitic racist souls to a frothy boil.

That and the “Western Civilization” in all of it, like the Philistines, the Romans, Alexander the Great (he and the Philistines were ethnically Greek) seem to get a bum rap.

Next thing y’all know, them thar Libruls in the churches are gonna tell ’em that slavery and lynching are wrong.

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