What a Surprise…

War-Profiteer Micro$oft corporation’s new Video “game” (Call to “duty” Modern Warfare2) which is a Virtual Recruiter tool for the Army, not only Permits the commission of Virtual War Crimes like intentional targeting of Civilians, but Encourages them. And Corporate America Rejoices, calling it the Most Sought After Christmas gift. Yep. Celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace with a “game” that shows you how to kill kids. All in good fun of course.


It noted that, even though most players would never become real world combatants, the games could influence what people believe war is like and how soldiers conduct themselves in the real world.

Meaning Losers who live in their mom’s basements. And whose relatives offer the “helpful” suggestion that they should Join the Army.

It said games were sending an “erroneous” message that conflicts were waged without limits or that anything was acceptable in counter-terrorism operations

That’s funny, really hilarious… “erroneous” ha ha hahahahahaha…
Richard Cheney and George Bush said it actually IS acceptable and necessary.
Their pet Monkey Sarah Palin is going to be in town in 10 days promoting her book, she ALSO says that any actions taken by American soldiers (But ONLY American soldiers) are acceptable, and, blessed by God Himself.

So do most of the Right Wing Retards who post comments here defending the War Crimes that have been committed in the name of “Freedom” and of course, in God’s name.

“This is especially problematic in view of today’s reality,” said the study.

Sure the Hell is.

In particular, it said, few games it studied reflected the fact that those who “violate international humanitarian law end up as war criminals, not as winners”.

Yeah, RIGHT. I’ll believe that when George Bush and Richard Cheney start their Life Sentences Without Parole at Spandau Prison for the War Crimes they ordered American Soldiers to commit. Instead of sitting around Dallas counting the money they’ve stolen and “earned” off the shed blood of everybody who has been killed in the War they started with their LIES.

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