Where’s the OUTRAGE!? Saccho and Vanzetti, redux

A foreigner accused and convicted of murder, complaining that she wasn’t given Miranda protections (she didn’t understand the interrogators, because she failed to learn the language of the land before setting foot in the Homeland…) and her attorney and family and the government of her country is complaining that anti-immigrant bias is behind the conviction and the severity of the sentence, yet Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh aren’t excoriating this Illegal Immigrant/slash/Convicted Murderer? Nothing from Dobbs or Glen Belch? Fox news with no OUTRAGE! segment that this person refused to even learn the language before she went to Italy?
O, I. C. … the rules are Different for AMERICANS. Amend that, RICH Americans.

I don’t know if Amanda Knox is guilty as charged. Her defenders in America ARE guilty of the most blatant Racist sentiments and the most violent Hate Speech, and, inciting the racist attacks against anybody in THIS country who is both accused of a crime and was born somewhere else.

They had their Cricket Chorus OUTRAGE! in fact, against any Americans who dared to question the since-overturned conviction and LYNCHING of Saccho and Vanzetti, saying “Americans don’t want to hear it”.
Which is almost accurate, if you take out the implication that the people who mention the LYNCHING and the un-subtle Racism that contributed to it, and contributes to Similar LYNCHING incidents many times a month… that such Americans who speak against it aren’t, as Sarah Palin and Not-Joe the Not-a-Real-Plumber said “REAL” Americans. To make their statement accurate, fit the “Fact Check” tests, they merely have to eliminate exclusive terms like “all” or “most” Americans don’t want to hear about or correct the miscarriages of justice, or challenge the Blatant Right Wing Racism. If two Americans are talking, and one says “I don’t want to hear complaints about our Racist Bigotry and the closely related Murders we commit” and the other one says “I agree, I don’t want to hear about anything Evil that we do” then, bingo bango, presto-magiko, “Americans don’t want to hear about Saccho and Vanzetti”. Or the Mexican national who was involved in a fatal automobile accident in Denver early last year, an accident in which the person who died was the one who Caused The Wreck… yet Malkin and Ann Coulter and “Gunny” Bob and the Usual Racist Hate-Mongers whipped up their Usual Retarded Lynch Mob audience to a fever pitch of Anti-Immigrant Murderous Hatred.

When some of their Retarded Lynch Mob audience, the Minutemen, MURDERED the American Child Briseña Flores and her American father Raul, the Hate-Speech Blowhard Cowards did two things, the same things they do in every such case, where they incited the Murders of Americans based on Race or faith or politics…

First they denied any responsibility, saying that the shooters were Lone Wolf extremists

and then they further enhanced their denial by saying that essentially, because of their darker skin and “foreign” names, Briseña and Raul Flores DESERVED to be Murdered.

Let an American Rich-Bitch Socialite get a much more moderate treatment at the hands of a foreign government and then what? An American Congresswoman says the conviction was “Anti-American”. Where was this Bitch when the Anti-American MURDER of Briseña Flores and Raul Flores took place?

We know exactly where Malkin and “Gunny” and Coulter and Tancredo and the Other Local Klanspersons were… they were right here declaring themselves to be Victims of Tyranny because AMERICAN people pointed out their shared guilt in those murders.

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