Why they love to target people in church…

The Reich Wing murderers like Akinsson and Roeder. von Brunn too, the museum he was going to shoot up is considered hallowed ground.

But it’s because they’re cowards. Of course. They realize that it’s traditional for people not to go to church with weapons.

It’s why it’s called a “Sanctuary”. The church Ushers have lost one of their traditional roles, original role… they used to be in the foyer, outside the Sanctuary, and when you went to church you would leave your weapons in the foyer. The ushers were basically performing the same job that the guys who stand at the doors of Masonic Temples with a big-ass sword do.

Akisson and von Brunn hoped to go out in a blaze of Inglory with their murder-sprees, halted by really brave men.

Roeder, on the other hand, after shooting his victim, ran like the skulking jackal he truly is. Guess he wanted to “take a stand” for the Right To Violent Death but, just, you know, not actually take a “Stand”. Why are right wing terrorists such pussies?

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